Safety? Check. How Coterie Aligns Elegance and Safety

With its sophisticated spaces and high caliber services, Coterie is designed to offer older adults a lifestyle of refinement, comfort, convenience, and well-being. But another fundamental aspect of life at Coterie is its notable commitment to safety.

By anticipating the exacting needs of its residents, Coterie instills a deep sense of security and confidence within the community, as well as beyond its walls. Because luxury is more than fine objects or sophisticated dining— it’s the ability to feel completely at ease wherever you are.

Private residences where style and safety come together.

Step inside a private residence and you’ll first notice abundant sunlight pouring in from the floor-to-ceiling windows. The hardwood floors glow in the natural light, and the full-sized kitchen’s quartzite countertops shimmer and catch the eye. Less obvious are the safety features throughout your home, cleverly designed to support you for years to come.

For example, inset area rugs seamlessly adjoin the hardwood floors. Studies, like one performed by the National Library for Medicine, consistently show that carpets with curled edges or folds are a leading cause of trips and falls for older adults. Coterie’s inset rugs offer a stylish solution to a common risk.

Coterie gives extra consideration to the bathroom, where the majority of household injuries occur. Bathrooms feature attractive but highly functional grab bars near the toilet and in the shower that smartly blend with the aesthetic of the room. The porcelain-tiled walk-in showers are easily accessible with no awkward barriers to step over, and the custom vanities feature a removable base for wheelchair access.

Perhaps most importantly, expert care is always available at Coterie. You can easily summon assistance at the touch of a button with a CarePredict wearable wrist band, and a licensed nurse is on call 24/7.

In service of safety.

Imagine a Saturday evening, opening night at the symphony, and rain is in the forecast. For nights on the town like this, you need not worry about navigating slick roads or the glare of oncoming headlights – a fleet of luxury sedans can safely chauffeur you wherever you’d like to go.

Coterie’s hospitality services make life easier and safer. You can call the Maintenance Director to change a lightbulb, hang a picture, or practically any task better handled by a professional, while Coterie’s housekeeping team will keep your residence clutter-free and clear of obstacles with daily upkeep as well as full weekly cleanings.

Coterie’s around-the-clock doorman ensures that only residents and invited guests enter the building, and all visitors must undergo a temperature check and screening at the AccuShield health sign-in kiosk. With an Amazon Echo Show® with Alexa® in your residence, contacting a staff member for information or assistance is just a hands-free call away.

Safety in assisted living and memory care.

For older adults who need the added support of assisted living services or memory care, Coterie’s care team addresses all matters of well-being and safety.

Anyone who’s been prescribed multiple medications knows how time-consuming, tedious, and potentially dangerous keeping track of varying schedules can be. Coterie relieves this burden with medication management that ensures chronic conditions are treated correctly and per doctor’s orders.

Bathing and dressing can be difficult for those with reduced balance and mobility, and Coterie’s caregivers have the training that make these routines safer and more accommodating.

For those living with Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss, Coterie’s memory care neighborhood offers a relaxing, safe, and beautiful living environment. Memory care floors are secured by passcode-accessed doors and feature open floor plans that allow residents to move safely through the halls and common spaces.

Coterie’s caregivers assist memory care residents with dressing and bathing, and schedule weekly appointments at the on-site salon for hairstyling, manicures, and pedicures.

With a dedicated, highly trained staff, exquisite amenities, and tailored wellness programs, every element of life at Coterie is purposefully designed to help you live well. Coterie’s strategic approach to safety offers true peace of mind—which is, perhaps, the ultimate luxury.


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