Lifelong Learning: Coterie Hudson Yards and 92NY’s Himan Brown Program Unlock a New World of Experiences

When seeking evidence of Coterie Hudson Yards’ commitment to lifelong learning, one needn’t look far. The library of the luxury senior living community features some 800 titles curated by renowned independent New York bookstore McNally Jackson bringing residents intellectually stimulating encounters with history’s greatest authors.  

A world-class, in-community art collection showcasing contemporary work offers residents the chance to live amongst the arts and even reap the health benefits as well. 

Coterie’s resident tech guru, the Digital Innovation Director, assists residents with everything from setting up new smartphones to teaching them how to interact on platforms like Instagram and TikTok – introducing them to a world of content tailored to their hobbies and interests. 

Now, a dynamic new collaboration with 92NY New York’s storied center for culture, connection, and enrichment opens new doors to lifelong learning for Coterie Hudson Yards residents. 

A Rich Past, a Promising Future 

Formerly known as The 92nd Street Y, 92NY holds a special place in the hearts and minds of New Yorkers. Founded by a group of German-Jewish professionals in 1874, it has made a tradition of welcoming and enriching the lives of all patrons through its world-class programming. 

92NY is a global institution whose programming fits well with Coterie Hudson Yards’ commitment to lifelong learning. In particular, there’s The Himan Brown Program 92NY’s community for individuals age 60+. The Himan Brown Program sets the standard for community engagement and enrichment with sophisticated lectures, classes, and discussion groups led by university professors, published authors, professional artists, and experts on every topic imaginable.  

Coterie Hudson Yards’ all-inclusive membership provides residents with access to on-site and online programs every week, including college-level lectures, interactive classes and discussion groups, writing workshops, studio art, and fitness classes. Residents also receive reduced rates at events in and around the New York area and access to 92NY’s library of archived sessions. Residents may visit 92NY’s community lounge for socializing and game play and there are opportunities to meet up online, as well. 

The Magic of a Lifelong Journey of Learning 

Research indicates environments that emphasize ongoing learning might decrease age-related cognitive challenges while promoting wellness in older adults. Regular cognitive stimulation helps our brains stay active and healthy. Lifelong learning can bring like-minded adults together, creating valuable social connections. It may also create more opportunities for personal growth and a sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

 Integral to the luxury senior living experience is the presentation of opportunities that nurture the mind. Coterie is aligned with 92NY’s commitment to people of all ages in particular, the intellectually curious, culturally attuned individuals who reside at Coterie Hudson Yards. 


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