Joanna Mansfield: “Coterie will reinvent what senior living means in the minds of many.”

Coterie Hudson Yards, a joint venture of Atria Senior Living and Related Companies, brings a new kind of luxury senior living to Midtown Manhattan. General Manager and Senior Vice President Joanna Mansfield recently sat down to discuss what sets Coterie apart, her leadership style, and the best aspects of life in New York City.

Tell us about the path that brought you to where you are today.

JM: I’ve been working on Coterie Hudson Yards since its inception, but the path that brought me here has been a long and winding one. I am a registered nurse − my nursing degree is from Ryerson University in Toronto. I served as nurse surveyor for the New York State Department of Health, which is where I first became familiar with Atria Senior Living and its communities.

I joined Atria in 2012, and since then I’ve served in numerous leadership roles across the company − from Regional Vice President to Senior Vice President of Care and Life Guidance Memory Care for more than 200 communities. I’ve been involved with Coterie Hudson Yards through every step of development, so I’m thrilled to see the project come to fruition and the impact it will have for older New Yorkers.

How would you describe your leadership style?

I lead by example. I’ve always been a hands-on operator and I never delegate something I haven’t done myself. Because I’ve been so fortunate to grow within this organization, I want to equip people to be future leaders themselves. I take pride in training managers to be self-sufficient and to one day be able to perform my job. I’ve found this manner of leadership creates the best work environment and the best experience for our residents.

What sets Coterie Hudson Yards apart from other senior living communities in New York City?

Coterie will reinvent what senior living means in the minds of many. This is a place where we truly deliver luxury, from our state-of-the-art amenities and fine dining venues to our beautifully appointed private residences.

A person's age or need for assisted living services shouldn’t mean they can’t enjoy life to the fullest. Coterie residents are accustomed to a vibrant urban lifestyle, so our talented hospitality team helps them continue that by anticipating their needs rather than reacting to them.

New Yorkers − and I’ve lived here for twenty years, so I’m guilty of this as well − we want everything instantaneously. We expect the highest quality in our experiences. Coterie Hudson Yards is a place where we know the exact expectations of our residents so we can exceed those expectations without them even asking.

What qualities did you look for when putting together this hospitality team?

Work ethic and dedication. Coterie Hudson Yards has a diverse staff that reflects the diversity of New York itself. But our hospitality staff and our caregivers have the shared quality of being excellent listeners who will go above and beyond to serve our residents. Excellent listeners know which newspaper is a resident’s favorite, and when they like it delivered. They know what type of coffee or juice a resident prefers first thing in the morning. They know which table to reserve at The Brass Room restaurant. It’s dedication to those details that adds up to the exceptional senior living experience we deliver.

To you, what is a perfect day in New York City?

That depends on the day! Really, you cannot limit yourself to just one day here. But overall, it’s the access. It’s thinking of anything you want to do, even randomly, and being able to make it happen. If you want to look at fine art, or if you want a meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant, you can do that. I don’t think there’s any place else like New York City.


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