Inspired Every Day: Setting a Routine That’s Anything But

Predictability is a powerful thing. We humans not only crave it, but actually thrive upon it − particularly in our later years.

A recent study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information revealed that older adults who adopt a daily routine report stronger feelings of life satisfaction and experience fewer healthcare interventions.

To help residents establish active and connected lives, Coterie presents more than 50 unique, immersive engagements each week. Each event is thoughtfully planned to stir curiosity and promote a well-rounded life through art and culture, socialization, personal fitness, health and wellness, lifelong learning, and family bonds.

Residents can attend a weekly foreign film screening, add another voice to the Conversations on Art discussion in the club room, or attend An Evening on the Amalfi Coast, with dinner, authentic regional wines, seafood dishes, and folk music. Sunday Suppers give residents the chance to meet their neighbors’ families, while Coterie’s popular guided nature walks combine social engagement, fitness, and fascinating tour content.

With such a dynamic array of opportunities to choose from, residents can craft a personal itinerary that brings them joy, knowledge, and purpose. Some events are singular opportunities, such as lectures by local university scholars or trips to see a play or concert, while recurring events such as book club meetings or piano bar performances are simply part of the fabric of life at Coterie.

Coterie also makes adopting an active lifestyle easier than ever with daily, expert-led group fitness programs. Elevation Health offers group classes in Coterie's private gym with regular sessions in tai chi, hatha yoga, and strength and balance, as well as personal training.

Establishing a schedule is not a strict regimen to be adhered to, but rather, it’s a way to set a foundation for the day. Quoted in the Wall Street Journal, aging specialist Dr. Ken Dychtwald likens a daily schedule to preparing a delicious meal for oneself. “People need to think about which ingredients will mix in to make it a good day,” Dychtwald says. “A lot depends on personal needs, interest, and body chemistry.”

With dynamic engagements designed to appeal to a wide range of interests, Coterie ensures residents have no shortage of ingredients to select from as they craft a daily routine they can truly savor.


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