How the Mayo Clinic’s Expertise Enhances the Coterie Community

Each year doctors and researchers continue to make amazing advancements in the treatment of chronic health conditions and disease. Over the past two decades, one of the most impactful insights to transform the world of medicine is the understanding that our happiness is deeply connected to overall health.

People that report positive feelings about their lifestyle and daily routine also display more positive outcomes in medical settings. While most people grasp the general idea of healthy habits, like eating a balanced diet or pursuing more physical activity, how to best adopt them into an everyday practice can be challenging. So, what strategy can advance the powerful link between health and happiness in a way that is tailored to the individual? The Mayo Clinic has been at the forefront in answering this question.

The Mayo Clinic Wellness Coaching Program is an effective, evidence-based tool that empowers individuals to achieve health and lifestyle goals on their own terms. Coterie is excited to partner with them to help residents reach their most important health goals.

What is Wellness Coaching?

The tenets of the Mayo Clinic Wellness Coaching Program evolved from breakthroughs made in the field of smoking cessation. Experts learned the same approach that proved effective for helping individuals quit that habit could also be applied towards a myriad of positive health situations.

Helping to facilitate that step is where the role of a Wellness Coach comes in. “A Wellness Coach is an attentive listener,” says Jamie Friend, Director of the Mayo Clinic Wellness Coach Training Program. “Listening to a client – learning who they are, what brings them joy, what values they hold – is key to establishing a relationship built on trust. And from a place of trust, we can discover what goals they have for themselves.”

These goals can be large or small. Perhaps there is a hobby that a person is looking to re-engage, or a specific book one has been meaning to read. A person may wish to walk more, or make changes to a diet. Being able to articulate these feelings to another person, one who is trained in the Mayo Clinic’s proven methods, is an essential component towards putting goals into practice.

Wellness Coaching and the Coterie Community

Coterie recognizes the Mayo Clinic’s leadership in the field of wellness coaching and the evidence-based approach that sets it apart. Because of this, we now have staff that have completed its rigorous training program and achieved certification from the National Board of Health & Wellness Coaches. Our combined expertise now brings these proven methods into the context of senior living.

With the right tools, the transition into a new living environment can bring opportunities for personal growth and contentment. “No matter where you are in life’s journey, people want to reach their full potential,” says Ally Crockett, Director of Hospitality Innovation at Coterie. “Wellness coaching offers a space where individuals can tap into those personal desires while being inspired by a community that supports everyone in their pursuits.” 

As part of the welcome and orientation to the Coterie community, residents will be given a full overview of the amenities and engagement sessions that can enhance one’s day-to-day experience. Equally as important will be the opportunity to speak with a trained professional to see if there are goals that one would like to pursue in this new environment. If so, a Wellness Coach will help articulate these goals and create a healthy living plan that works for the resident, because it is created with the resident.

And for as long as this plan proves beneficial, there are options to keep working with a Wellness Coach to ensure the tangible results continue. Coterie was drawn to the Mayo Clinic’s approach to wellness because of its proven record of success. It is one we feel confident bringing to residents to help them become the version of themselves they most wish to be.


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