Hitting All the Right Notes – How Music is Integral to Life at Coterie

Two of America’s brightest cultural beacons San Francisco and New York City are legendary hubs for world-class live music. From jazz to classical, from rock to opera, from intimate clubs to major concert venues, the City by the Bay and the City That Never Sleeps are alive with the sounds of music, often until the wee hours.

Notably, the cities are also home to a pair of impressive new music venues, and their locations might surprise you. These hotspots are found within Coterie, luxury senior living communities in San Francisco’s Cathedral Hill and New York City’s Hudson Yards neighborhoods.

Four nights a week, Coterie residents experience live music just steps from their private residences, with an entertainment calendar that rivals that of any local club or performance hall.

A typical week’s lineup might feature a classical pianist, a swing dance troupe, a live screening from the local symphony, and a Beatles karaoke event.

Coterie has hosted folk tune revues, classical harp performances, jazz quartets, reggae bands, and even private shows by professional Broadway performers. And with a seemingly infinite pool of local artists to draw from, residents have come to expect a showstopping performance every time.


World-Class Entertainment, Local Roots

Fortunate for lovers of live entertainment, San Francisco and New York City offer dynamic music scenes from which to cherry-pick talent, and Coterie’s music schedule is heavily influenced by local artists.

In addition to booking performers through a talent agency, Coterie’s Resident Engagement Specialists ask residents for recommendations on artists they might have encountered at a neighborhood restaurant or show and then reach out to those artists to play an event within the community.

Additionally, because of its culture-rich metropolitan settings, Coterie also makes it easy for residents to connect to the city’s vibrant musical offerings beyond the community doors. Coterie organizes regular group excursions to the opera, symphomusical theater productions, and festivals – and of course, residents can always schedule Coterie’s private car service to events of their choice.

A Symphony of Health Benefits

Music has long been recognized for its ability to build community through shared experiences, such as attending concerts or playing in bands. Scientists have come to understand that live music also carries a variety of other life-enhancing benefits connected to health and aging.

“Music is powerful,” said s. “It can improve immunological responses, increase heart rates, calm an anxious mind, and improve mood states. Therefore, it’s crucial to recognize and begin to utilize all the benefits music can offer to help us age well.”

A study from Goldsmiths, University of London revealed that regularly leads to a marked improvement in overall happiness. The research showed that listening to live music resulted in a 21% increase in feelings of well-being and a 75% improvement in mental stimulation.

Because music is strongly connected to formative memories, it is an especially potent tool in memory care. Research even shows those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia have better recall of song lyrics as opposed to spoken words.

For those with memory care conditions, live music can reduce anxiety, enhance alertness, and improve cognitive performance in memory and verbal fluency. In addition to music therapy, Coterie hosts special performances in its   so residents can experience the joy of live music and reap these health benefits in a safe, secure environment.


Live Music Stirs the Soul and Warms the Heart

Live music enthusiasts – those for whom there’s no substitute for the true timbre of an instrument or the resonating acoustics of a live vocalist – will find no better home than Coterie in San Francisco or New York City.

Music lovers are invited to visit Coterie and experience these live performances for themselves. Contact a Sales Director at your closest community and arrange to attend an upcoming event.

Coterie Cathedral Hill, San Francisco - 415.915.6655

Coterie Hudson Yards, New York City - 929.581.2050


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