For Your Longevity, Engaging the Arts Can Work Wonders

The arts, and art appreciation, have been linked with an enhanced quality of life for as long as humans have existed. Only recently, however, have scientists discovered their intrinsic connection to a greater quantity of life as well.

Studies now show those who regularly engage with the arts may live longer than those who don’t. Making a habit of art appreciation is shown to lower blood pressure, improve motor skills, and even boost the immune system.

Today, scientists can now pinpoint what artists and poets have long experienced intuitively: that impactful works of art prompt the brain to release serotonin – the happiness chemical – to create feelings of fulfillment, awe, and hope.

At Coterie Cathedral Hill, these kinds of experiences are regarded as essential components of a well-rounded life – and you need not travel far to encounter them. Coterie is home to a stunning collection of contemporary fine art featuring diverse artists who work in a variety of mediums.

On the first floor, for instance, you’ll find an intricate work by San Francisco artist Zai Divecha. Reminiscent of origami, she uses folded paper to play with light and shadow to produce a calming, hypnotic effect on the viewer. In the library on the second floor are a series of pieces by New York artist Amber Vittoria. Three of her whimsical illustrations hang next to one another, exploring themes of femininity, identity, and nature in a lighthearted, airy manner.

Debra Bosniak, an art advisor who helped curate the collection, said, “Beyond the skill and beauty, there is a curiosity in the pieces we chose. The artwork has a unique story to tell, and a little more of it is revealed over time.”

Music lovers, too, will find no better home than Coterie Cathedral Hill – live music is performed in the community four nights a week.

“Our residents are enthusiasts,” said Michael Pounsberry, General Manager of Coterie Cathedral Hill. “Many regularly attend the opera or the symphony, so we often bring in classically trained performers. But we showcase a variety of styles. Recently, we hosted a five-piece Motown band that put on a great show for our residents.”

All forms of artistic expression ripple throughout the Coterie community. Cinephiles can relax and enjoy their time with classic film showings in the private cinema twice each day. And, if you’re particularly moved by the experience, you can further explore its themes at film discussions led by San Francisco Chronicle movie critic Mick LaSalle.

Lovers of the written word will likely be found in the library, perusing a collection curated by renowned bookstore McNally Jackson, or participating in one of the community’s many book club discussions. Poetry readings have sprung up, where residents share poems of their own creation or recite from others that are providing joy at a particular moment.

Beyond our doors, residents have close and convenient access to renowned cultural institutions like the San Francisco Symphony, the San Francisco Ballet, and the Theater District. Along with help booking tickets and reservations, Coterie offers chauffeured transportation to and from events.

At Coterie Cathedral Hill, you can pursue the creative expressions that inspire you most – and reap the profound and positive impacts that art can have on your longevity and well-being.


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