Confidence In Every Step: Coterie’s Proactive Fall Prevention

Falls are a significant concern for older adults, impacting 1 in 3 Americans over the age of 65 and causing 800,000 hospitalizations each year. Unfortunately, the majority (60%) of falls happen in the home due to trip hazards such as stairs, unsecured rugs, poor lighting, and slippery floors.  

If you’ve noticed an aging family member having difficulty navigating the home or sometimes appearing off-balance, light-headed, or shaky when walking, the statistics can be alarming.

But it’s important to remember that falls are not an inevitable aspect of aging. Nor should they cause you to limit your lifestyle for fear of what may happen. In fact, research shows that continuing to live an active lifestyle is itself a form of fall prevention.

Well-designed spaces that cultivate physical safety and inspire greater psychological confidence help prevent falls. To this end, Coterie seamlessly integrates safety features into every element of design so older adults can go about their days in confidence.

Purposefully Designed Common Spaces

March and White Design, the world-renowned design firm, crafted the interiors of Coterie with an aesthetic of modern luxury. Folded into their graceful design are additional features keeping residents safe.

When enjoying a cocktail at Karl’s Lounge, for instance, residents may not notice the lounge seating was spaciously arranged for easy navigation. Or that the straight-legged chairs in the Monarch Room restaurant remove tripping obstacles, and the elegant bolsters on the banquette benches provide extra support for getting up and about.

Other common areas like the library, private cinema, and fitness center are adorned with custom furniture crafted for older adults. Wide-based furniture is an effective tool in fall prevention that offers sturdy support when standing up and ergonomic support when reclining.

Stylish inset area rugs don’t just add pops of color and visual texture to corridors and common areas – they’re a solution to a common cause of falls. With no curled carpet edges or variations in height, inset area rugs offer seamless transitions between walking surfaces. Even the floors of Coterie’s elevators carefully match the surfaces of the greater community so that each step carries no surprises.

Residences Designed with Safety in Mind

When most people enter Coterie’s private residences, they first notice the abundant natural light pouring in from floor-to-ceiling windows. Coterie’s bright, well-lit residences – a key component of fall prevention – are equipped with automated shades and a voice-controlled Lutron lighting system.

Unlike most senior living residences that are lit by a single fixture, Coterie’s luxury apartments have multiple sources of illumination. Recessed lighting, dimmable features, and mounted lights along kitchen countertops mean residents can go about their daily activities in bright assuredness.

Coterie’s design gives extra consideration to the bathroom, where the majority of household injuries occur. Bathrooms feature attractive but highly functional grab bars near the toilet and in the shower that smartly blend with the aesthetic of the room. Porcelain-tiled walk-in showers are easily accessible with no awkward barriers to step over, and the custom vanities feature a removable base for wheelchair access.

Like Coterie common areas, private residences also feature inset area rugs for smooth and stylish transitions in walking surfaces, as well as ample closet space to stow items and keep the home obstacle-free.

Wellness, Tailored Care, and Fall Prevention

At Coterie, fall prevention doesn’t end with purposeful interior design – it’s also incorporated into a holistic approach to care and wellness.

Research shows, for instance, that strength and balance exercises help older adults stay active and independent. In a private fitness center, Coterie offers personalized training programs led by expert instructors with regular sessions in tai chi, hatha yoga, and strength and balance.

A well-rounded diet is also an important component in fall prevention. Through Coterie’s inventive partnership with Mayo Clinic Healthy Living, healthy eating habits have never been so easy – or so delicious. The culinary offerings in Coterie’s array of dining venues contain extra nutrients and antioxidants that boost energy levels and improve balance and alertness for older adults.

Perhaps most importantly, Coterie’s care approach provides residents and staff with a personalized plan of support. At each community, a dedicated Care Coordination Director meets with each resident to help determine the scope of assistance that will help them thrive each day.

If someone needs an extra hand in the mornings, Coterie caregivers can help them start the day. If a resident feels more comfortable with assistance getting to and from meals, an escort will be there to guide them. As care needs change over time, so will a resident’s personal care plan to support them.

Preventing falls – and preventing the fear of falls from limiting your lifestyle – are both key components of successful aging. Coterie accomplishes these goals with purposeful and innovative design features, and a steadfast commitment to tailored wellness and caregiving that elevates the safety of each resident.


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