At Coterie, Home is Where the Smart Is

"Technology is best when it brings people together."

– Matt Mullenweg, digital entrepreneur

Much has been written about the life-enhancing conveniences of smart home technology. Once considered nothing more than the stuff of science fiction, the smart home has become a modern reality, with a U.S. market forecast to be worth nearly $50 billion by 2026.

Coterie has embraced this movement with an array of smart technologies thoughtfully integrated throughout our communities. From keyless home entry to the voice-controlled features of the Coterie Smart Home System, residents are using tools that simplify their lives and keep them connected like never before.

Imagine a life of greater convenience, security, and connection at Coterie.

Convenience on command

Every day can be easy like Sunday morning at Coterie. Each residence is equipped with the Coterie Smart Home System, enabling you to control a myriad of household devices with the sound of your voice. You can open your shades, adjust the thermostat, and change the room’s brightness − all before getting out of bed.

A built-in feature of this system is the Amazon Echo Show® with Alexa®, a portable HD smart display that offers endless ways to keep you informed and entertained. Alexa is always ready to play your favorite tunes, help you shop, or search for a recipe. Alexa can also report the news and upcoming community events, and even contact a member of the staff.

Smarter ways to stay safe

Personal safety and security are typically a top concern of older adults, which is why every Coterie resident receives a CarePredict® wearable wristband. Not only does it offer two-way communication with care staff in the event of emergency, CarePredict monitors fall risks and even enables access to your residence with a simple wave of the wrist. With CarePredict, you’ll experience greater personal independence and prompt care at the touch of a button.

Residents and their families can also enjoy peace of mind knowing the Accushield® visitor management system is on the job. Accushield adds an extra layer of security by conducting screenings and temperature checks of all arriving guests, employees, and vendors.

Connections made easier

Each day at Coterie is highlighted by a full calendar of events, and technology makes it easy to stay current. On your mobile phone, you can easily access InnerCircle, Coterie’s well-being app, to see what’s happening in the community and peruse the daily menus at Coterie’s dining venues.

As technology continuously evolves, so does Coterie’s commitment to improve your experience as a resident. Soon, residents will be able to use smart devices to provide real-time feedback to shape the Coterie community.

Not to be overlooked are the simple joys technology can bring to daily life. Coterie hosts fun and interactive classes to help you set up a TikTok or Instagram account, which can unlock a world of content tailored to your own hobbies and interests. Coterie’s dedicated, on-site Digital Innovation Directors provide expert tech support and guidance on practically any device, gadget, or service.

Life at Coterie will always be driven by the human connections that matter most. Our purposeful use of smart technology serves these connections and empowers residents in all their pursuits.


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